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Love At First Spirit 

Ladies, ever wonder what's going on in a man's mind and heart?

Are you single and want to win the love of your life? Or, are you married and want to have a more meaningful relationship?

Love At First Spirit - Book

Download the latest book by C. Regi Rodgers

'Love At First Spirit'

Fin​d out the secrets to elevating your spirit and attracting love with a similar spirit.


21 Day Challenge

Love At First Spirit - ​Course

In this 21 day course, you will learn the principle of "Love At First Spirit." Although this principle is sometimes mistaken for "Lust At First Sight" or "Love At First Sight." There is a distinction. This course will help you clearly see the contrast between the three


Full program 


Love At First Spirit - Book & The 21 Day Challenge

Love At First Spirit - Course


What our customers are saying

Fantastic program, Completely changed my outlook on relationships. Helped me heal from my Past relationship.  

Amanda G.

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